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I am five dimensions Spiritual Clothing

Five Dimensions

Brings a Spiritual Clothing that is based on the balance and harmony of the five basic dimensions of human-spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and social-being, in order to strengthen and stimulate positively YOUR identity and YOUR well being.

Achieving The Ultimate Balance

The five dimensions-spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and social-are the components that make up and define our existence as a human being. Your peace, inner balance and personal growth are the result of a permanent and balanced growth of each. This improvement in harmony gives you confidence and strength in times of crisis and wisdom in your successes.

We want to bring your life abundantly and balanced through elements of everyday life such as clothing and accessories, drinkware, phone cover cases, yoga mats and many more that will make your lifestyle a unique experience. My Spirit, My life, My World!

Just build your own way to love, accept and interact with the world.

 THE POWER OF "I AM". The messages are expressions of identity and well-being that tell the world that you live and exist following a spiritual lifestyle.

We are committed to create and promote positive experiences in the midst of a world always moving and changing. We also assume a duty to help those most in need through Share One™.


Meet Our Team

Felipe Bahamon

- CEO & Founder

My passion is a healthy and active life, being surrounded by nature, my family, sharing with good friends and carrying this message to the universe.

Ricardo Avella

- Designer & Co-Founder

My passion is graphic design as well as photography, seeing through the lens a story in every picture. I love sharing time with my daughter and my wife.

Andrea finter

- Designer and Operations

These cases are perfectly simple and easy to distinguish. In a free hour, when our power of choice is untrammelled

Achieving The Ultimate Balance

Our Icons

five dimensions

We have identified five distinct yet interrelated dimensions of human-being and overall well-being
Spiritual (candle), Mental (light bulb), Emotional (heart), Physical (person), Social (others).

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