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Our Motto

Our guiding principles are IDENTITY, BALANCE and PASSION of the human being in the Five Dimensions - Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical and Social - to give everything, to be enthusiastic, full of energy, no matter the situation in which you are. We all have a passion no matter if we identify it or not, it is there, latent waiting to manifest. We know that IDENTITY is the conscience that a person has about himself and that tells him apart from others, so we want him to express just that, his identity, but what makes us different is that we want our identity to be BALANCED by living the five dimensions, finding stability,  harmony and choosing PASSION in each one of them.



Spiritual Way of Life Logo

Spiritual Way of Life Is a way of life based on the balance and harmony of the five basic dimensions of human-spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and social-being, in order to strengthen and stimulate positively your identity and your well being achieving the ultimate balance in your life.


Five Dimensions is the active clothing that through the spirit manifests what we are passionate about, what we love, what we are, giving everything. Is part of our spirit, our thoughts, our emotions, our body and all the people around us, being the protagonists of our life, making every moment a way to express ourselves to the world with designs that create identity. If you know your passion you know the unimaginable force of motivation, space and focus that you have. If you connect with your spirit you will have an incalculable force to live your life to the maximum.



We want people to be able to manifest themselves with the universe at particular moments in life, in which they feel passionate and enjoy what they are doing whether they are identified in one or all of the five dimensions. Usually clothing reveals to others what we are; With our designs we want to influence the world with passion. My spirit, My life, My world.





































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